Full Body Burial Options

Standard Lots:

$1100 – Single Full Grave Space

A Single Grave Space may be used for one Full Burial & one Cremation or up to two Cremations.

Interment Fees:

Full-Size Burial

$1400 – Monday – Friday
$1500 – Saturday
$1600 – Sunday

Infant Burial
$500 – Monday – Friday
$500 – Saturday
$600 – Sunday

Cremation Burial
$800 – Monday – Friday
$900 – Saturday
$1100 – Sunday

The Government Supplies Veteran’s Plaques for all eligible veterans.  Refer to the Veterans Web Site (http://www.cem.va.gov/hmm/) for eligibility.  The cost for installation is also born by government.  Please contact the Sexton for assistance.

Third-Party Monuments
If we are installing a monument that you have purchased yourself, we will have a fee for creation and installation of the monument foundation.  Please contact the Sexton for rates. (rates dependent on the size of the foundation that is needed)